3D Print in high detail resin

Models made out of high detail resin have a smooth surface. Post finishing with paint is possible but leads to a possible loss of detail.




Application examples

  • ornamental objects
  • mechanical uses (if the strain on the object is not too great)
  • prototyping new designs
  • creating end products

Technologies using the material

  • SLA (Stereolitography)

Available material colors

Golden (resin with metal filings) Golden (resin with metal filings)
Green Green
Grey Grey
Silver (resin with metal filings) Silver (resin with metal filings)
Transparent Transparent
White White

Service providers that offer 3D prints in this material

Company name Location Response time Supported materials, technologies and colors Supplier's profile
3dl.tech Is company
VAT registered
Colors for material High detail resin: Green Transparent White

All materials: High detail resin, Transparent resin, Wax
All technologies: SLA (Stereolitography)