3D Print in termoplastic material (PC - Polycarbonate)

PC (Polycarbonate) is extremely tough and very resistant to impact - this material is used when making bullet proof glass. It is temperature resistant. PC offers accuracy, durability and stability, creating strong parts that withstand functional testing.



Application examples

  • motorization
  • aeronautics
  • medicine

Technologies using the material

  • FDM (Fused deposition modeling)

Available material colors

Transparent Transparent

Service providers that offer 3D prints in this material

Company name Location Response time Supported materials, technologies and colors Supplier's profile
Aye Aye Labs Is company
VAT registered
Colors for material Termoplastic material (PC - Polycarbonate): Transparent

All materials: Plastic (ABS), Plastic (copolyester XT), Plastic (HIPS), Sandstone-like material (LayBrick), Nylon, Termoplastic material (PC - Polycarbonate), TGlase
All technologies: FDM (Fused deposition modeling)