Quote & sales automation software for 3D printing bureaus

E-commerce solution for your 3D printing business

Printelize Professional is an online sales automation software created specifically for the 3D printing industry. In short, our tool enables seamless 3D print quote preparation, customer relationship management (CRM) and ordering of 3D printing services via a web interface. Printelize Professional automates and optimizes the quote and sales processes together with the interaction with the customer which helps you save time and resources. With Printelize Professional you can focus on the growth of your business instead of mundane quoting activities. The platform is distributed using a convenient subscription model (Software as a Service) which means that you consume it by paying monthly and fixed fees (typical pay as you go). The service is available immediately after registration and you can run a trial version for fourteen days without making any commitments.

Thanks to Printelize Professional you can instantaneously access the e-commerce world and benefit from online exposure for your 3D printing service bureau. What is more, our platform may successfully replace your existing website or become its extension. The technology that we created comes with a feature allowing for printer and inventory management, moreover, it enables creation of dynamic pricing formulas (using syntax similar to the one in office software) that use data extracted directly from uploaded 3D files. By using Printelize Professional preparation of quotes for your customers requires nothing more than an upload of a 3D model file and selection of print parameters. The system will calculate prices together with shipping costs based on the initial account settings.

When creating Printelize Professional we understood that our customers value their privacy. For this reason our e-commerce solution is completely white-label (does not come with any kind of Printelize identification). Moreover, the account owner can pick from one of the color templates that would suit your corporate identification and upload the logo of your own business. Apart from that, the software allows you to configure in such a way that it can be available via your own domain (or subdomain) name.

Main features of Printelize Professional:

  • management of salesperson accounts,

  • management of customer relationships (CRM),

  • creation of quotes for customers,

  • order and quote management,

  • dynamic pricing formulas configuration,

  • 3D printer inventory management,

  • 3D consumables management,

  • email templates configuration,

  • static pages management,

  • own email account configuration,

  • own domain (or subdomain) configuration,

  • platform access management,

  • pricing visibility management,

  • management of color schemes,

  • configuration of own branding (logo),

  • currency management,

  • support for multiples languages.

Integration options:

When you register a Printelize Professional account you can choose a unique subdomain name for your sales platform – for example yourbusiness.printelize.com. Once that is done there are at least three ways how the service can be integrated with your website.

Redirect your own subdomain and extend your website [recommended]

Create a subdomain like sales.yourdomain.com and change its DNS settings to point to the unique address of your Printelize Professional account (yourbusiness.printelize.com). This way printelize.com will be fully masked. Afterwards, you can add your own subdomain as an item in your website menu. We will be more than happy to assist you with the domain name and redirect configuration.

Use it instead of your website

This option is best for those without a website. Since your Printelize Professional account will have Content Management features (like creating static pages) you may choose to use it instead of a typical website. This way you have 2 in 1! Simply redirect your domain using DNS settings and point it to your unique Printelize Professional account address.

Embed it in your website

Would you like a fast solution? Just add an iframe to your website and point it to your account address (yourbusiness.printelize.com).

Example: <iframe src="http://yourbusiness.printelize.com"></iframe>

Benefits for your 3D printing service bureau

Advanced account configuration

As a 3D printing service supplier you get access to a powerful tool which allows you to configure your inventory (3d printers), consumables (materials/filaments) and their colors. Moreover, you can construct pricing formulas, shipping costs per specific country and set applicable tax rates. All of that is just is just a small portion of all functionalities that are available for your with Printelize Professional. Register your business and discover more features that will make your job easier and help your venture grow.

Automatic quote and shipping costs generation

You only have to configure your account settings once and all quotes together with shipping costs will be generated for your customers automatically without any manual processing. We provide you with a comprehensive list of variables that relate to uploaded model attributes or order parameters. Create complex formulas exactly as you do it in Microsoft Excel (or similar spreadsheet software) and make them depend on the technology, material, 3d printer model or print quality (layer thickness).

Global exposure

By registering an account on Printelize Professional your 3d printing services are automatically available to customers from all around the world. We provide user interface translations and internationalization features so it is not necessary for you to speak foreign languages to take orders from abroad. Printelize Professional is also ideal solution for these companies who do not have any other online exposure.

Save time and resources

By registering on Printelize Professional you allows your business to benefit from sales and quote processes optimization. When we created our software we did everything to automate all non-value creating activities. We focused on business processes unification and acceleration thanks to which you can save time and resources and focus on your core business.

Unified sales and communication channel

The sales process in our software is seamless, centralized and fully standardized. Moreover, it gives you all the tools you need for efficient and archived communication with the customer. Your clients receive automated quotes based on the system configuration that you prepared earlier and the model files they upload. Alternatively, you can quote customers yourself from within the system which helps you handle inquires that you receive using other channels (email, phone, direct sales). Printelize Professional is an e-commerce platform that allows you for full interaction with your clients.

Powerful tool without any capital expenses

A lot of our current customers thought about creating a similar tool for their own purposes. Nevertheless, this immediately implies a gigantic investment and future software maintenance cost. Printelize Professional lets you avoid all of that and eliminate all the unnecessary risk. The only payment you will need to make is the monthly subscription fee without any additional complex contracts and restrictions. The software is available immediately after registration and has a free seven days trial version. What is more, it can be fully equipped with your branding!

Ordering 3D prints on Printelize Professional:

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