About us

Providing the best e-commerce solutions for 3D printing industry – worldwide

Printelize products were created to bring people closer to 3D printing technology and the possibilities it offers. The e-commerce platform Printelize Marketplace, that we created, is a place where 3D printer owners from around the world can offer their services, and users with 3D printing needs can place their orders. In addition to that, in our offer you can find a revolutionary online sales system specially adapted to the needs of 3D printing houses - Printelize Professional. It allows everyone that offers 3D printing services to optimize business processes and reap the benefits of the Internet sales channel without unnecessary investment.

In the team of young, talented and passionate people we want to make sure that the latest available technologies can create value to the society worldwide.

We are close to the innovative technologies and see their potential because of the branch of industry we operate in. However advanced the technology is, it will not bring people benefits unless it is not popularized and available in an accessible form. Being aware of this dependency we created Printelize.com platform which purpose is to facilitate access to 3D printing technology both for business and private consumers.


Our mission is to provide the society, both private consumers and business entities, with innovative software tools enabling seamless and efficient ways to order and offer 3d printing services.


By the supply of the best available online trading tools, to make 3d printing services widespread, easily attainable and so that procurement of these services would be as easy as shopping online.

Primary objectives

  • To become the customer’s first choice for their 3d printing needs.

  • To become the major provider of online sales tools and the only obvious choice for anyone who offers 3d printing services.