Benefits for buyers

It helps you save valuable time

With the days of tedious and exhausting search for the right 3d printing supplier are over. You will no longer need to send numerous emails, make multiple phone calls or wait days to receive quotes. At, thanks to centralized environment, all potential suppliers are within your reach. The only thing you need to do is to upload your 3d model files, select order criteria and the system automatically suggests 3d printing bureaus that are compatible with your needs and technical requirements of the project. Prices for the service and shipping to your location are generated automatically so there is no waiting at all. At the end just choose your preferred 3d printing provider and place and order and if you were shopping online at any ordinary store.

It helps you save money

Thanks to you no longer need to buy a 3d printer or acquire technical know-how in order to benefit from three-dimensional printing at your home or business. The market of 3d printers and consumables (mostly filament) changes so rapidly that is just impossible to follow the latest trends and technology advancements which significantly reduces the validity of keeping inventory or owning machines. In this case that should be only the domain for those companies that want to offer 3d printing services commercially. What is more, the right realization of the 3d printing job requires an expert knowledge which has to be maintained. For most enterprises it will be additional expenses connected with training staff or taking more employees. For all these reasons we believe that both for individuals and business entities is far more convenient to outsource their 3d printing needs.

In addition to that, brings to you a very transparent source of 3d printing suppliers which helps you compare their services and prices. According to the rules of market economy it forces the prices to go down and reach the equilibrium level due to the increasing competition and better access to information for consumers. Only with you can avoid, a so called, price discrimination phenomenon. Moreover, your lack of 3d printing knowledge cannot be used against you.


Vast selection of materials and colors

At 3d printing service suppliers are those who create the list of available materials and colors. Thanks to this approach you receive an access to the latest resources and newest technologies.

Lower prices

Better availability of information about 3d printing suppliers and their prices and services increases the competitiveness of the market which reduces the prices without compromising quality of the services.

Seamless ordering process is very similar to e-commerce stores or price comparison websites. That is why it is very convenient and easy to use our platform. What is more, it makes 3d printing technology attainable.

Supplier rating system

While making the decision about the choice of the supplier, apart from location or price, you can also use feedback (comments and multidimensional rating) left by previous customers.

Immediate quotes

All prices together with the cost of shipping are generated automatically after you upload your files. Quotes are calculated using data retrieved from the 3d object and the additional order parameters that you choose.

First come first served provides you with information on suppliers’ reaction time for received quotes. As long as the order is not confirmed and paid you can send purchase requests to other 3d printing service suppliers. Thant to that you increase the probability of the quickest response time which ultimately can also mean order delivery time.

3d printing at 3am in the morning

Historical data from gathered at proves that there is a surprisingly high number of 3d printing suppliers that are responsive at almost any time of the day and night making 3d printing available out of the typical office hours.

Precise tax calculation system allows to differentiate between suppliers that offer their services as business entities or individuals. Moreover, companies can indicate whether they are VAT registered or not. Once you provide your invoice details will be able to correctly calculate all necessary taxes depending if they are applicable or not.

Reduce inventory levels, be lean

It is well known that maintenance of certain levels of inventory generates unnecessary expenses and we all aim to keep the absolute minimum that we need. Thanks to decentralization of the supply chain and the access to the most responsive 3d printing suppliers your business can become truly lean.

Test the technology, material or printer

Are you considering which technology or material is the right one for your products or prototypes? Or maybe you wish to test a particular printer model before you purchase one? In both cases is the right choice for you as it allows to order a 3d print in accordance with your requirements.

Ideal solution for procurement departments

If you need few quotes in order to make the final purchase, is the ideal solution. Only with our tool you can display and compare prices and services of competing suppliers without the need to contact them. Once the quotes are accepted in your organization you can place the final order.

Decentralize your supply chain system

Our platform is the perfect solution for these enterprises that order 3d prints in large quantities, in different technologies or material or the demand is irregular. As the result of order distribution and decentralization it is possible to achieve an even more efficient and reliable supply chain for your prints.