Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How can I contact a supplier?

Upload your files, create a quote and send it for verification to a selected supplier. The quote details will be available in your account section and this is where you will find our internal tool for communicating with suppliers. Also, you will see that there will be a place which allows you to exchange files with the 3d printing service provider.

What does it mean to send order for verification?

3d printing is a complex process and that is why every single quote requires final verification by the supplier. Thanks to this solution we do not charge you for any service until both you and the supplier are confident that the order is feasible. The supplier will verify your order and, if required, will contact you using the internal messenger. The quote can be confirmed or rejected. If confirmed, you will receive a notification and you will be able to pay for the order using one of our payment channels.

Is the price in the quote binding?

Service suppliers configure their pricing algorithms upfront and that is why all prices ought to be binding. Nevertheless, 3d printing is a complicated process and it is not always possible to generate a quote in an automated manner. The supplier has the possibility to amend the price, however, that should be always justified. You will always be notified if the prices gets changed.

Will I receive an invoice for the service?

Suppliers are obliged to issue invoices or receipts for the delivery of their services. Once you pay for the order the suppliers receives your invoice details (address). The invoice or receipt will be sent to you together with the 3d print or it will be attached to the order in an electronic form (.pdf).

When is the supplier bound to deliver the service?

The supplier is obligated to deliver the service once the order is confirmed and paid for. Before these two things happen any party can cancel the order without any consequences.

May I send the same quote to different suppliers?

Yes, of course. Until you pay for the service the supplier is not going to start any printing job for you which means any order can be cancelled before that. That means you can send the same quote to different suppliers. We highly encourage you to do that as it will allow you to select the ones with the shortest response time.

Who can register as a 3d printing service supplier?

Anyone who owns a 3d printer and offers 3d printing services can register an account. It does not matter if you are a large, established company or an individual. Any entity can create a supplier account. Just make sure that during the registration process you select the right account type. This will help customers distinguish between business entities and private suppliers.

Why after receiving a quote I do not see all customer details?

Full customer details will be made available only once the order is verified, confirmed and paid for.

I have just received a quote which I need to verify, however, I need to contact the customer. How can I do this?

Log in to your account and go to quote details section. There, you will find a tab which contains our internal messenger that allows for seamless communication between you and the customer. Any message added there will be also sent by email. The whole conversation is archived and will be visible on the order details page. In addition to that, we give you access to a tool which will enable you to exchange files with the customer (photos, documents, stl files etc.).

Who does issue the invoice for the 3d printing service?

Once the order is paid by the customer you will receive the customer’s invoice details. Use this data to create an invoice or any other form of receipt that is applicable. We will transfer you the full order amount less our commission. Once a quarter you will receive an invoice from for all the fees we charged during this period. If you are a business entity then our invoice becomes your business expense.

How do I provide the customer with the invoice?

You can deliver the invoice or receipt together with the 3d print job. Alternatively, you may attach all documents in an electronic form (for example .pdf) in the order details section. You can use the files exchange tool that is available there.

Is the price in the quote binding?

No, it is not and you can modify it directly in the quote details section. However, please remember that the customer will be notified about any change to the price so make sure it is justified and you explain the reason to the customer. The customer will have the possibility to evaluate you as the 3d printing service supplier in terms of the price fairness which has an impact on your ranking the search algorithm.

Once I receive a quote may I add additional services to it?

Yes, of course. Access quote details section and you will be able to add new entries to the order together with the description and price. In other words if you wish to add additional services like prototyping, modelling, finishing etc. to an existing quote then we have everything you need.

The technology/material/color/printer that I offer is not available on the platform. Shall I still register?

We highly advise you to do so as you will be the first to offer it! At suppliers create the list of available technologies, materials (filaments), colors and 3d printer models. Once you register you will be able to submit your suggestions which we then verify and implement within few hours.