Ordering 3D prints at Printelize

In order to evaluate and order a 3D print you need to have an STL file woth your 3D model. If you don't have one or you don't know what it is, look here.

The next steps of ordering 3D prints are the following:

Upload model

Upload your STL file that contains your 3D model

Configure order

Choose desired printing parameters such as technology, material, color, finish, printing axis and many others

Choose supplier

Select supplier with the best price and which meets your printing and delivery requirements

Place the order

Supplier will review your order and confirm


A confirmed order can be paid by PayPal

Receive prints

Collect your print from the courier or pick it up directly from the supplier

1. Uploading the model

If you already have an STL file with your model click here and upload the file - drag and drop it on the indicated field (alternatively, you can click that field and select a file from disk). Printelize will visualize your model, so you can make sure the right file was attached. Basic information about the object will be displayed below the visualizer. The information consists of width, height, depth, area and volume of the model.

2. Order and 3D print parameters configuration

After the file is loaded, on the right of the visualizer you will see a list of parameters, such as: 3D print technology, material, color and finishing. You can also specify the desired quantity of your model. Printelize chooses the default values for those parameters, however you can change them freely. Keep in mind that every change of the parameters' values will refresh the supplier list below, so that it contains only those print service providers who fulfill your expectations.

The change of parameters' values, in most cases, will have an impact on the 3D print price. This is because the print service providers can arbitrarily configure their offers, depending on the chosen 3D print parameters' values.

3. Supplier selection

After the STL file is loaded and the parameters' values are chosen, the next step is to select the desired print service provider. To make this step easier, we have provided a filter, which will enable you to seek for suppliers, who offer shipping to your country, allow in-store pickup or can issue invoices. You have full freedom in choosing your print supplier - you can base your choices on localization, shipping costs, print completion time or any other criteria.

When you have your supplier chosen, just click "add to cart" and the priced model will be added to your shopping cart. You can add any number of any models and different evaluations to your shopping cart provided that all of those valuations concern a single supplier only. If you need to place orders to many different suppliers you will have to place each of them separately.

Should you prefer browsing the database of 3d printing service suppliers before uploading your files then you can do it here.

4. Placing the order

If your order (displayed in your shopping cart) is ready, you can have your models printed. In the shopping cart you can choose the desired delivery method.

After placing your order you will receive an email confirmation. The chosen print service provider will also receive such information. The service provider will verify your orders, which means, that the ordered models and their parameters will be checked.

Your order's details are accessible after logging in to you Customer panel. At the order's details page there is a communicator you can use to contact the order's supplier, regardless of the order's status. If you need to make some additional arrangements, use the mentioned communicator. When one side (you or the service provider) sends a message through the communicator, the other side receives an email notification about that message. This way, the communication is done efficiently and fast. If both sides agree, the supplier can adjust the order total price and add an additional item to the order. All your arrangements agreed via the communicator are binding.

At this step, you can still cancel the order.

If the order is ready and verified, the supplier will confirm the acceptance of the order and determine estimated order completion date. You will then receive an email informing about the change of your order's status.

5. Order payment

After the order is verified by the print service provider you need to log in to your Customer account, find the order, select the desired payment method and pay for the order. If you select electronic payments, such as PayPal, as the payment method, Printelize will redirect you to the chosen payment provider.

After your payment is done, you will receive an email confirmation. Keep in mind that the suppliers will execute your order only after it has been paid for.

6. Order collection

After executing your order, the supplier will change the order's status to "sent" or "ready for pickup", depending on the delivery method specified in the order.

Just as in earlier cases, you will be notified about the order status change by an email.

If you chose on-site pickup there is nothing left to do, but to collect your printed models innego jak at the address indicated int the order.

Remember that the suppliers will execute your order only after it has been paid for.