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Printelize is a cloud-based service offered as two different products - a public marketplace and a private online sales system.

Whether you are an individual with a 3D printer or a large company offering 3D printing services we have a suitable solution for you.


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Funcionalities Marketplace Professional
For whom?
Best for individuals or startups / micro-companies offering 3D printing services, an additional sales channel for larger companies small, medium and large companies which offer professional 3D printing and wish to optimize their business processes
"Marketplace" plan functionalities
Own domain
The service is launched under your registered domain name eg.
Own corporate identification
Use your own theme and logo.
Ability to present company contact details.
Display your offer only for registered customers
If you like, customers who do not register their account on platform will not have access to the tool.
Dedicated offers for customers
Creating offers for existing and new customers. Ability to send the offer.
Possibility to verify customers before account activation
Registration of customer accounts confirmed administratively. You choose who can use the platform.
User and customer database management
Individual e-mail address to send messages
E-mail messages sent from the platform use your e-mail address.
Individual notification e-mail templates
You can define the contents of e-mail sent via the platform.
Competition with other suppliers of 3D printing services
Comparing prices online with other providers of 3D printing services.
Possibility of using Printelize Marketplace at the same time n/a
Direct payments
Payments from the customers goes entirely and directly to you, not through Printelize.
Type of server Colud service (SAAS) Colud service (SAAS)
Disk space n/a 10GB
Extendable disk space n/a
Comission 10% none, customers pay to you directly
Monthly charges none from 150 EUR net
Administrative user accounts
Number of administrative accounts n/a 1
Additional user account n/a unlimited, see pricing plans
Support in accordance with the order of requests priority; phone and e-mail
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