Benefits for suppliers

Global exposure

By registering on your 3d printing services are automatically available to customers from all around the world. We provide user interface translations and internationalization features so it is not necessary for you to speak foreign languages to take orders from abroad. is also ideal solution for these companies and individuals who do not have any online exposure.

Automatic quote and shipping costs generation

You only have to configure your account settings once and all quotes together with shipping costs will be generated for your customers automatically without any manual processing. We provide you with a comprehensive list of variables that relate to uploaded model attributes or order parameters. Create complex formulas exactly as you do it in Microsoft Excel (or similar spreadsheet software) and make them depend on the technology, material, 3d printer model or print quality (layer thickness).

Online payments

With the registration on you immediately receive access to online payment solutions. It is not necessary for you to sign any additional agreements with PSPs (Payment Service Providers) and your customers can instantly pay for their orders using PayPal.

Simple and fair payment model

Participation in Marketplace is completely free of charge and the only fees you need to pay is the commission from the orders you receive. No orders means no payments. It sounds fair, doesn’t it? Registration does not oblige you to anything and there are no time constraints. The only thing that we requires from you is the provision of your services to the highest standards.

Your individual quote page

By registering on you also receive your own dedicated profile page where customers can familiarize with basic details of your venture and your offer. On your profile page we publish a button which directs to a page where customers can generate quotes based on your account settings only. That means you do not compete there with anyone else. In other words, it is your private Feel free to distribute a link to your profile page in your own marketing materials.

Advanced account configuration

As a 3d printing service supplier you get access to a powerful tool which allows you to configure your resources (3d printers), consumables (materials/filaments) and their colors. Moreover, you can construct pricing formulas, shipping costs per specific country and set applicable tax rates. All of that is just is just a small portion of all functionalities that are available for your Register your business and discover more features that will make your job easier and help your venture grow.

Unified sales and communication channel

The sales process at is seamless and fully standardized. Moreover, gives you all the tools you need for efficient and archived communication with the customer. Buyers, once they upload their designs, receive automatically generated quotes that are calculated using the settings configured on your account. Once they are satisfied with a particular quote they can send you a request for purchase for the final verification. You can accept or reject such a request or suggest a modification to its content. After the quote is accepted the customer receives a notification and is requested to pay for the service using one of the payment methods that we provide. If the payment is settled we will send you an email with a confirmation and then you should start processing the order. During the order fulfillment you can still communicate and exchange files with the customer in case the situation requires it.

Solutions for Professionals

Do you value order processing centralization, optimization and automation of the quote and purchase processes more than participation in the open market? Would you like to use for your own internal purposes and with your own branding and domain? Or maybe you wish to control the access to your sales system and to manage who sees your prices? In this case the ideal solution for you is our other system – Printelize Professional offered on a monthly subscription basis (SaaS – Software as a Service). With Printelize Professional you can avoid capital expenses connected with building and maintaining your own software solutions. In addition to that, the Professional plan give your full freedom when it comes to financial transactions as we are no longer the intermediary which also means no commission is charged. However, we still provide all the integrations you need to benefit from online payment solution. Check out Printelize Professional plans.