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Printout adherence 5.00
Communication with supplier 5.00
Processing time 5.00
General satisfaction 5.00

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Average 3D print service provider's response time for the incoming order.

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  • Miguel B.
    10/05/2019 19:35
    Everything has been perfect. Not a single complaint. I'll be ordering again. Thanks a lot.
  • Tomasz K.
    19/06/2019 04:06
    Wydruk w świetnej jakości.
  • Angelo C.
    28/08/2019 06:08
    Craftum is the no. 1 3D print-maker in Europe. I ordered components that were not easy to realize but in just 2 days I received the delivery. What makes Craftum different from all the others is the attention to detail and quality. In addition, the staff is always available for any question. Greatly recommended!
  • Freri M.
    02/06/2020 22:26

3D printing information

Available print materials

Wood-like material (LayWood), Plastic (NinjaFlex), Plastic (PETG), Plastic (PLA), Sandstone-like material (LayBrick)

Available print technologies

FDM (Fused deposition modeling)

Available print colors

Wood-like material (LayWood): Wood

Plastic (NinjaFlex): Midnight

Plastic (PETG): Black, Grey

Plastic (PLA): Black, Black – dyed, Black – polished, Blue, Blue – dyed, Blue – spray painted, Blue - transparent, Bright green, Brown, Dark blue, Dark green, Fuchsia, Gold – velvet, Golden, Graphite, Green, Green – polished, Green – spray painted, Green, glowing in the dark, Grey (metallic), Light blue, Lilac, Luminescent, Luminous green, Luminous orange, Luminous orange – velvet, Luminous yellow, Natural, Orange, Pearl white, Pink – velvet, Red, Red – dyed, Red – polished, Silver – dyed, Silver – spray painted, Silver – velvet, Transparent, Vermilion, Violet, White, Yellow, Yellow – polished, Yellow – spray painted

Sandstone-like material (LayBrick): Concrete

Additional info

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Shipping options

The delivery costs to other countries will be specified by the supplier at the order verification step

Sample prints

FDM, 0.1 mm

Plastic (PLA), Black – dyed

FDM, 0.1 mm

Plastic (PLA), White